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You've felt it before. Even if you've managed to avoid it,
you know someone else who hasn't been so lucky.

What are we talking about? The anxiety experienced when you make a credit decision, only to find out too late that the report you had didn’t cover the last year of stomach-churning drops in the company’s credit rating — that sudden, looming realization that you might never get the money for that sale.

Ansonia's expertise is to make sure you never feel this again.

Your business needs accurate, flexible business credit reports. You need them FAST and up-to-date... and you want them to be highly affordable. We are the NEW credit reporting service that is bending over backward to give our clients exactly what they need.

See the difference.
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Why Our Data is Better

Our Data
is Unique

We collect data from all types of businesses — from Mom & Pop all the way to Fortune 500. Our state-of-the-art platform enables us to accept data files that other business credit companies cannot.

Our unique database translates to more relevant information, which translates into you making better credit decisions and making more money. Many businesses find that Ansonia’s core business credit report is the only credit risk decision tool they need.

Our Data
is Fresh

What would happen if you gave a customer a large amount of credit, only to find out too late that the report you had didn’t cover the latest stomach-churning drops in the company’s credit history? You may have a sudden, looming realization that you might never get the money for that sale.

Ansonia to the rescue! Unlike many other credit reporting companies, we continuously update our database 24/7, ensuring the freshest data possible. And with a click of a button, you can get the latest judgements and public records. This is our expertise — to lessen your anxiety over future credit decisions.

We Do Not Buy
Our Trade Data

There are some business credit reporting companies that buy, repackage and resell other credit reporting companies' data. We collect our own up-to-date and reliable data and don't sell it to other companies. Nor do we buy data reports from other companies. Our database is unique and secure.

We Do NOT Own or Partner With A Collection Company

Some credit companies partner with collection agencies and may have conflicting business dealings. We are strictly in the business of providing credit data intelligence to businesses.

It's the only thing we do and we do it well. You can depend on us to ALWAYS give you accurate information that will benefit your business.

Up-to-Date and Accurate

We are very pleased with the quality and reliability of Ansonia’s credit information. The information is always up-to-date and accurate, and obtaining credit reports is a very simple and fast process. Furthermore, the level of personal support and service we receive from Ansonia is top-notch. We are extremely fortunate to consider Ansonia as a trusted and valued partner in the transportation industry — they definitely help make our job easier!”

—Eric Belk, Vice President
Match Factors

Members who provide data receive up to a 40% discount on their business credit reports.

No Finance Degree Needed

Have you noticed that reports from the other business credit report companies are extremely hard to read? You need to learn about a customer's credit worthiness fast. But you're stuck wasting time trying to figure out a report that is full of numbers, but doesn't tell you much.

It's difficult to tell a good customer from a bad one. There may be a note the customer was 90 days delinquent on a payment, but you are not told if that was years ago with just a single slow payment, or if the customer is delinquent all the time. And hey, if you can't find out what you want to know NOW, the report is worthless. You might as well flip a coin.

This hurts your business. You may take a chance on a customer who winds up burning your company. On the other hand, you might pass on somebody that would be a great customer — and you lose the sale.

Ansonia saw this problem and fixed it. Our reports are extremely easy to read. We go the extra mile to make sure ALL the numbers make sense. And we are sticklers for assuring you have the exact stats you need when you need them.

No Pre-Paid Contract Required

Annual contracts are devised to lock people in long term. Other business credit reporting companies encourage you to give everyone in your company access to their information — the more employees running reports, the better.

And when contract renewal time comes, they pull out a 10 pound stack of all the invoices you pulled to support why you can’t live without them. Oh, and buy the way, your price goes up.

Often they will offer a business a three-year contract with price escalations. So they lock you in, guarantee themselves a nice revenue increase each year, all while selling the exact same report.

Why should you agree to pay 3-5 percent more over a period of 3 years for the exact same report? If it’s the same report, why should you have to pay more from year to year? Are the reports giving you more value? We offer you a better solution.

With Ansonia, you only pay for what you use. No long term contracts. No escalating fees over time. And to top it off, members who provide data receive a discount of up to 40% on their business credit reports. You get the accurate, easy-to-access credit reports you need at a dramatic savings.

Additionally, members who provide data receive up to a 40% discount on their business credit reports.

Customizable Reports Lead to Better, Faster Credit Decisions


Watch the video below to see how your report would work.
commercial credit reports

You Can't Go Wrong with Ansonia

When Transwest Capital first started out we were using another credit data company to verify the credit-worthiness of our debtors. While we were not unhappy with the company, we did not know what we were missing until we signed up with Ansonia Credit Data. After switching to Ansonia, we started to realize that the information we were previously using was not as fresh as advertised. With Ansonia, we know we are receiving the most up-to-date and in-depth look at a debtor’s credit-worthiness. In a word, we had become complacent with the previous company, trusting that their data would help us protect our receivables. It did, to a point. Now, we feel as if we have a partner watching our backs 24/7. Coupled with the customer service the staff at Ansonia provides, you can’t go wrong with Ansonia Credit Data.”

—Brian Cummings, Operations Manager
Transwest Capital

We Can Integrate With Your Software

We welcome special programming requests. Have you ever tried to get a customized project with one of our competitors? One of our current clients signed a contract with our competitor to provide a customer-facing online credit application.

Our client worked with that company for over an entire year, and failed to receive a working product. We took this project on from scratch, and had the entire process ready to go in just two months.

Businesses run lean shops. Employees are generally expected to do more and more in a finite number of hours per day. Automation/integration is the key.

With our 21-st century, state-of-the-art technology, we easily integrate with any software. We can “push” data intelligence to our customers to help them streamline their processes. These kinds of tools mean you don’t have to pay someone to sit at a desk and look at credit app after credit app and run one report at a time.


Live People Answer Our Phones

This really shouldn’t merit a mention. After all, it’s common sense that a company would take calls from their clients so they could help them and provide great customer service. Right? Wrong.

Most calls to our competitors seem to be sucked into a pit where voicemails go to die, leaving you stranded and without help. Fortunately, that’s not how we operate.

It’s a point of pride for us to pick up the phone when you call and to give you as much help as you want. So if you don’t want to feel like you’re alone in the dark, give us a call now at 1-855-267-6642 to let us shine some light on your situation.


Ansonia Clearly has the
Advanced, Customer-Oriented
Business Credit Reports You Need

By combining top-notch, highly reliable credit reports with caring customer service and BIG savings — Ansonia is rapidly becoming the first choice for businesses of all sizes.

See the difference.
Try our free credit
report today.

•  Verify a new customer
•  Check an existing customer
•  See the difference

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Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Credit Reporting Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You:

Become one of the new savvy business owners who use Ansonia and profit from the following:

•  Ansonia Sells Only Business Data – we only concentrate on business credit reports.

•  Ansonia’s Business Data is Always Fresh, not Stale – We update 24/7.

•  Ansonia Does Not Resell Your Data – Your customer data is safe with us.

•  Ansonia Works With Everybody – From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

•  Ansonia Collects Unique Data – We collect data the big guys can’t even touch.

•  Ansonia’s Reports Are Easy To Read – You’ll know exactly how your customer pays.

•  Ansonia’s Reports Are Customized – You decide on what data is important to you.

•  No Prepaid Contract Required – You are not tied down, wasting money.

•  We Keep It Simple – Anybody can read our reports and understand them.

•  Live People Answer Our Phones – The others don’t, nor do they care to.

•  We Do Not Own Or Partner With A Collection Company – We provide unbiased data.

•  Customizable Software Integration – We integrate with any software you run.

•  Automation Is The Key – Request as few or as many reports as you want.

We're here to get you started.
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How To Check Your Company Credit Score Articles


Conquering the Challenges of Accounts Receivable Management


Every business process comes with its own set of challenges, and the management of Accounts Receivable is no different. The great news is that all of these issues can be handled with the right tools and by taking the appropriate steps to improve these processes.


Please see below for ways to improve the following :


Reduce Days Sales Outstanding


Reducing Days Sales Outstanding may be the most important challenge for your business, and there are various ways of addressing this problem. The good news is that it is easier than you may think! You can start using some of these effective methods almost immediately:


Invoicing customers as soon as possible! Remember that the quicker you get your invoice to the customer, the quicker they can pay you, or the quicker they get to ask questions and provide you with the opportunity to resolve any issues that could well result in late payment.
Have you considered early payment incentives? This might be along the lines of a small discount to customers who pay before the due date. Alternatively, you might prefer to consider late payment fees, but there are some points you need to consider before taking that route.
Making sure your customers are able to pay their invoices online. We are living in a different society today and people prefer to pay their accounts online. From their point of view, it is quicker and it saves paperwork.
Ensure that your accounts clearly show your credit terms and the due date for payment. This information should be clearly written on all invoices and other communications referring to the invoice.


Here are some other simple things a business can do to lower Days Sales Outstanding:


Be More Productive with Your Existing Staff or Fewer Staff


Take a really good look at the systems you are using to manage productivity in your accounting department. Most companies use their accounting system or ERP for the management of their Accounts Receivable and, although there are some accounts receivable tools within these systems, they still require a lot of time and manual labor to manage the process of invoice collection. Collectors spend a lot of time on manual processes - updating spreadsheets, checking information ready to call a customer, prioritizing tasks based on account aging, fixing data errors, and other non-value-added activities; when in fact they should be focused on communicating with their customers, settling disputes and other more important activities.


When you have the right tools, your Accounts Receivable management processes can be automated and data can be centralized in order to give collectors more time to focus on other activities, activities that include improving performance, ensuring the company gets paid quicker, and driving down transaction costs. There is simply no way companies can realize such results, reduce the number of staff members currently focused on management of Accounts Receivable, or do more with current staff without automation.


Reduce Portfolio Risks


There is a huge difference between good and bad credit risk. Defining and recognizing customers for the risk they present to your business is critical in reducing accounts receivable portfolio risks, but it is not always easy! Below we have listed some things you may wish to consider:


Do you ask every new customer to complete a credit application?
When you have a repeat customer requesting an increase in credit, do you ask them to complete a credit application? It is important to remember that customer credit worthiness can change over time so, before offering them additional credit, you should ensure they are still in good financial health.
Are you vigilant about following up with customer credit references? It is interesting that most companies ask for references, but they never call them! This is a serious mistake to make.


Minimizing Bad Debt Write-Offs


It is inevitable that you will have a reduction in bad debt write-offs when you implement the above processes. When you monitor the credit risk of your company more effectively and increase the productivity of your team, you will have less doubtful accounts to start with and even less invoices that turn bad. Generally, companies who automate the management of their Accounts Receivable process are realizing:


Days Sales Outstanding reduction of 10-20%;
Past-due receivables reduction of 25%;
Return on Investment in as-little-as two months, and
A bad-debt reserves reduction of 10-25%.


You Can Find More Information at Www.Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642

Formulating a Portfolio Strategy for Accounts Receivable


Different customer segments deserve customized marketing approaches; just as different categories of customers require different collection strategies. When a well-formulated portfolio strategy is executed with the appropriate resources, processes, and organizational structure for each segment, bad debt exposure will be minimized and cash will continue flowing.


Designing a Portfolio Strategy


The first step to developing a portfolio strategy is to divide similar customers into specific groups; such as private sector vs government, small accounts vs national accounts, domestic accounts vs export, and so on.


The next step is to determine if these groups warrant different collection processes. For example, your large national accounts will typically require less collection contact, but may warrant closer monitoring for delinquent invoices. On the other hand, thinly capitalized, small customers usually require more consistent collection contact. Work out the approach required for each group, then ensure that each group is assigned to staff members with the appropriate skills. With this approach, the overall strategy of a company for its receivables asset will be supported by the portfolio strategy.


Customers can use Accounts Receivable as a financing tool, to be used as:


A source of cash flow to fund the business;
Competitive advantage in the marketplace; or
A means of generating high margin, incremental revenue by selling to high-risk customers.


It seems that most companies are not really clear how receivables slot into their corporate strategies, and view them as simply a means of doing business. By default, this approach seeks to minimize the investment, the impact on sales, and reduces the cost of the asset.


It is a Worthwhile Investment!


The returns for companies that accept the challenge of taking a good look at their Accounts Receivables are worth the investment because it comes back in efficiency, market perception and cash!



You Can Find More Information at Www.Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642



The New Approach to Business Credit Reports

""If you want something new you have to stop doing something old."" Peter F. Drucker

Access to fresh, current data is vital for effective credit management in any industry. Without accurate information, it is difficult or almost impossible to vet new clients, perform periodic reviews, track changes in payment habits, identify problem debtors or make credit increase decisions. If you are looking for an affordable alternative for managing the risk for your company, cash flow and payment practices, perhaps it is time to heed the wisdom of the man who invented the concept of management.

Old Versus New: What are the Tangible Differences Between the Two Approaches?

When it comes to your credit intelligence strategy, think about what you need to glean from their credit report in order to streamline your decision making: timely, accurate data about how they pay their bills. If a customer is not making payments on time, it does not matter whether they are a well-known, publicly traded company that appears financially sound, with an active online presence and an Ivy League-educated CEO. With the necessity of obtaining recent, pertinent data in mind, let us do a point-by-point comparison of the key differences between old-school business credit reports, and what the new approach of Ansonia offers:

  • Content - Traditional business credit reports provide a snapshot of a company, with a sprinkling of payment history added to the mix that may or may not be up to date and industry specific. The new approach gives you a finely-tuned credit report with a primary focus on the accurate, current bill payment data of the customer. Our credit monitoring tools give you a more granular view of the payment habits of a customer, which is the essence of what you want and need.

  • Relevance - If it is outdated, vague and/or incomplete, what is contained in an old-school credit report simply is not relevant. Our new approach to credit reporting gives you real-time data that not only lets you identify payment trends, it allows you to drill down to specific contributor levels within an industry. There is no fluff or filler -- you access data that is fresh and verified continuously, 24/7, so you have the essential information that is critical for making smart credit decisions.

  • Convenience - Lengthy, old-style business credit reports require considerable sifting and mining to reach any nuggets of usable intelligence. Our credit reporting tools rely on the latest advanced technology, and because they are automated, you will have complete AR monitoring without ever pulling out the spreadsheets. The data is concisely formatted and easily customizable so you can see as much or as little detail as you want and access instantaneous updates on relevant events.

  • Value - The way to determine the true value of what you are paying for credit intelligence is to look at the percentage of the data you actually utilize in your decision making. It is not difficult to see the difference in value between a cumbersome credit report that does not include a wealth of real-time, relevant data and one that lets you easily identify risks by tracking current customer payment trends over different industries, contributors and time periods.

  • Cost - Most providers expect you to sign a long-term, ""unlimited"" contract that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With our approach, there are no setup or annual fees, and you are not locked into a contract. By only paying for the services you need, you can reduce the related costs by 50 to 90 percent. If you factor in the quality of the data and the knowledgeable, expert service you will receive, the value of those savings quickly multiplies.

    You Can Find More Information at Www.Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

    Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642


    A Sample of business credit reports
    found in Ansonia's database


    Company Name:  WHIRLPOOL CORP

    Street Address: 3851 YOUNGS RD BUILDING 1

    City: JOILET

    State/Province/Other: Illinois

    Zip: 60436

    Country: United States, U.S., US

    Phone: 770-948-4331

    Rating: Available!

    Historic 25 months

    Average Days To Pay: Available!

    Average Outstanding Balance: Available

    Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

    Would you like to know how WHIRLPOOL CORP pays their bills?

    Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
    For WHIRLPOOL CORP at: 1-855-267-6642



    Company Name:  HERMAN BORN & SONS

    Street Address: 6808 ROLLING MILL RD


    State/Province/Other: Maryland

    Zip: 21224

    Country: United States, U.S., US

    Phone: 301-872-5688

    Rating: Available!

    Historic 25 months

    Average Days To Pay: Available!

    Average Outstanding Balance: Available

    Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

    Would you like to know how HERMAN BORN & SONS pays their bills?

    Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
    For HERMAN BORN & SONS at: 1-855-267-6642



    Street Address: 891 KUHN DR STE 100


    State/Province/Other: California

    Zip: 91914

    Country: United States, U.S., US

    Phone: 847-527-4384

    Rating: Available!

    Historic 25 months

    Average Days To Pay: Available!

    Average Outstanding Balance: Available

    Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

    Would you like to know how TOYOTA MOTOR SALES USA INC pays their bills?

    Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
    For TOYOTA MOTOR SALES USA INC at: 1-855-267-6642



    Street Address: PO BOX 9569


    State/Province/Other: Maryland

    Zip: 40209

    Country: United States, U.S., US

    Phone: 814-875-6126

    Rating: Available!

    Historic 25 months

    Average Days To Pay: Available!

    Average Outstanding Balance: Available

    Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!


    Would you like to know how METRO TRUCK & TRACTOR LEASING pays their bills?

    Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
    For METRO TRUCK & TRACTOR LEASING at: 1-855-267-6642

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